We develop mobile applications for business that change the world around
Stages of creation
an application
First of all, we will Brainstorm and Create a unique visual style for your new mobile application, after which we will think over the element placement and its interaction with the user in order to get the best result.
The magic of programming
Building a component library
and working on screens, creating an architecture and connecting it to Backend, Analytics, third-party libraries
Final presentation and App Store / Google Play release
Application presentation and release
Result: Agreement and TS
Before starting work, we will learn about your business, define the main task of the application, define the style and basic wishes.
Briefing and TS
App Klaar
Application design
We will help with the design of your application. We select only the best designers and we work through all the moments
Developing a React Native App
We create a mobile application without unnecessary headaches. We will need a design that can be ordered from us or elsewhere and the technical specification - we will take care of the rest, and a separately attached manager will make sure that everything goes smoothly
Telegram Bot
Being closer to the client is the key to the success of any business, and what can be closer than a messenger on your phone. We will create a Telegram bot for different tasks of your business: from answering frequently asked questions to virtual loyalty cards
Working with App Klaar was very easy and fast. Development was fast which was really important for us
Brain App
App Design was modern which I really like. I would recommend this company to everyone
Train Chat
Super, flexible, smart and pro on react-native. Happy to choose App Klaar
Klaar Shop
Multi-vendor store template with over 100 cool features. Available for sale to everyone
Brilliant! So pleased with the work done. Looking to hire App Klaar long term for my business.
Excellent communication. We worked together and collaborated all along the process
quick connection with PM
write to us
call us
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